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30 Piece Challenge!

Welcome back to a new school year and a fresh re-start to piano!

Starting Tuesday, September 6, we are trying something new: a 30-piece piano challenge!

This idea comes from Australian musician, composer, and teacher, Elissa Milne, who first created the "40 Piece Challenge." The challenge has since been used and adapted by teachers worldwide.

What is the 30 Piece Challenge?

In our studio, the 30 Piece Challenge is meant to be a fun, motivational activity. It is a concrete way to show student progress, both for the student and caregivers.

The 30 Piece Challenge is also a way to try lots of new repertoire (music) and discover new composers throughout the year.

Elissa Milne gives some more information about the challenge on her website here.

Students should be able to complete 30 pieces by the end of the school year in May 2023. Thirty pieces is A LOT, but I know your children can do it!

How does it work?

Print your 30 Piece Challenge tracker sheet by Tuesday, September 6. If your children are in-person students, they will receive a tracker sheet at your next lesson. Staple the challenge sheet to the inside of your lesson book. When a new piece is completed, we will mark off a numbered circle.

When you hear your child practicing his or her pieces, they might sound too easy. That's okay! Have you heard of "Just Right" books? These are books at your child's current reading level but with just enough difficulty to help your child grow. We will be using "Just Right" music. Most of the pieces will be easy enough that your child can play them fluently, but the music will contain some new concepts or challenges, such as new dynamic (volume) markings.

Other pieces, however, will be more difficult. These pieces of music will be longer, with a few more challenges, but still at a level that your child can and will be successful.

Why are we using the 30 Piece Challenge?

Some children are motivated by competition, some are motivated by checking things off, and others just need a push to move forward. This activity is designed to accommodate all those learning styles.

The 30 Piece Challenge is NOT meant to stress or worry your child. As with all my teaching, this activity will be approached in a way that is best suited to your child.

Click the file below to download and print your 30 Piece Challenge!

30 Piece Challenge II
Download PDF • 66KB

As always, let me know if you have any questions.


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