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In-Person Piano Lessons in
Louisville, Kentucky



What is the best age to start lessons?

Every child is different.  I find that private piano lessons usually work best with ages five and up. If you are interested in music experiences for younger children, send me an email and we can discuss options.  

What if I need to miss a lesson?

It happens! When schedules and sicknesses prevent you from being able to attend your lesson, I will send a video lesson in lieu of an in-person lessons.  All video lessons are personalized for you or your child, include playing activities and plenty of variety to keep your child focused.

How much should my child practice for piano lessons?

Ah.  The Question of All Questions.  My general advice is to expect your child to play piano at home for as many minutes as they are in age, most days of the week.  So, your six year old should be able to play for six minutes, 5-6 days a week.  While it might work for some, I generally do not recommend trying to push practice time much beyond the "age time".  At young ages, children need positive piano-practicing experiences, even if they are short practice sessions.  Think of it as giving them a taste--we want them to want more!


I find that the most effective piano practicing happens when families make it part of their family culture and routine.  Having a set time of day when your child plays the piano followed by a small reward after (a snack, check mark in their book, "free-choice time" equivalent to the amount of practice time, etc.) is a great way for your child and your family to establish positive and sustainable piano practice habits.

Can you come teach in my home?

At this time, I do not travel for piano lessons.  If you are interested in having piano lessons in your home, I highly recommend checking out the online lessons page and giving online piano lessons a shot.  If online lessons seem suspicious to you, check out some posts and videos on my Facebook page to see what they're like.


My daughter is 6 years old and this was her first year at taking piano lessons. Ms. Kaylee made it fun and educational! My daughter enjoyed her lessons and learned more than I thought in just 1 year!! I would recommend Kaylee to anyone who wants a hands on approach and a teacher who genuinely cares for her students!

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Kaylee is such a great teacher. My daughter loves taking piano from her. I as a mom, love how she really teaches music as a whole using the piano. She’s experienced and kind. I highly recommend Kaylee!

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