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Online Piano Lessons

If you like the convenience of having piano lessons in your own home, online lessons might be a great fit for you.

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Do online lessons really work?

Yes!  I started teaching online in 2020 and all of my online students see the same progress as in-person students.  If you are curious about what online lessons look like in action, check out some videos below or on my Facebook page.

Do online lessons work for new beginners?

Yes! Many of my online students were complete beginners when they started with me.  Just like in-person lessons, learning online takes some adjusting, getting to know each other, and figuring out what works and doesn't work.  Having an adult nearby can be helpful for technology issues.  Very young beginners (5 or 6) can also benefit from having an adult nearby to help with directions and focus.  I screen share to point out particular things in the music, use different computer and non-computer based games, and overall learn to adjust according to what your child needs.  

What age is good for online piano lessons?

Every child is different.  I usually recommend ages 6 and up for online lessons.  I also understand that kids need to MOVE.  So when your child plays the piano standing up or seems fidgety during online lessons, it's okay!  We add some steady beat practice or other movement-involved activities as needed.

How much should my child practice for online piano lessons?

Ah.  The Question of All Questions.  My general advice is to expect your child to play piano at home for as many minutes as they are in age, most days of the week.  So, your six year old should be able to play for six minutes, 5-6 days a week.  While it might work for some, I generally do not recommend trying to push practice time much beyond the "age time".  At young ages, children need positive piano-practicing experiences, even if they are short practice sessions.  Think of it as giving them a taste--we want them to want more!


I find that the most effective piano practicing happens when families make it part of their family culture and routine.  Having a set time of day when your child plays the piano followed by a small reward after (a snack, check mark in their book, "free-choice time" equivalent to the amount of practice time, etc.) is a great way for your child and your family to establish positive and sustainable piano practice habits.


"We are beyond pleased with our virtual piano lessons from Kaylee. Our two boys look forward to lessons every single week and love how much and engaged the piano lessons are. We couldn’t be more thankful for her style of teaching piano, flexible expectations and priority of making piano both fun and engaging for our kids."

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"We started with Kaylee online piano lessons during COVID. She was recommended by a friend, even though we live in different states! I was very skeptical about online learning especially the piano... but the strides my kiddo has made since starting with Kaylee was amazing compared to the in person learning she was getting. Kaylee has an incredible gift of teaching music and an even more incredible ear, where she can here a wrong key played over zoom!!

"She is also kindhearted, patient and so very supportive of these childrens' progress and she genuinely cares about each of them as individuals!

"Not enough can be said about how amazing of a music teacher she is!"

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